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DJ/Music Career

Having developed an obsession for music from a young age, while still at home, Danny began producing, then mixing, many different types of music. 

His repertoire was soon realised, performing on the club and wedding circuit. With inspirations including DJ EZ and DJ Jazzy Jeff to Calvin Harris and Trevor Nelson, he continues to have his finger on the pulse of the fashionable to crowd-friendly.


Now also making a name on the wedding circuit – and building quite a reputation and following as a result. When it comes to entertaining people, his popularity is proven. He brings to the scene a fresh and unique musicality, coupled with an innate skill in beat blending and mixing. 

From Bhangra to House, R&B, Hip-Hop and Garage, Danny's decks appeal spans every genre. Seen by many as something of a sounds supernova


Musically, Danny is as equally experienced in production as performing. As DJ for The Soundpipe Records, Danny has produced many mainstream singles. 

Stand-outs include DJ Rags featuring Fatman Scoop Balle Balle and DJ Rags featuring Maan-Ballin Desi mix. As a favourite international DJ, he enjoyed the honour of DJing alongside Tony Patii at the Cannes Film Festival, 2011. 

In addition, he is often to be found playing in clubs and weddings across Europe and India.


'What marks me out is my quick insight into what the crowd wants… plus my aim to please attitude towards each event. I'm always trying new and different types of mixes to stand out from the rest.'

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